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If you are looking to hire a new way of entertainment for your school events, then we are the go-to-people for a fun and unforgettable event. Offering a wide range of mini golf courses which are fully portable and flexible, our crazy golf ideas are the perfect addition.

We offer competitive prices for either standard, premium or bespoke packages to suit all budgets.

Our high quality mini golf equipment suit all ages and, from young children, to teenagers and adults. We can supply with everything you could possibly need for a successful fun day.

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Fun with Mini Golf Courses

Planning your school’s annual field day, carnival days or other school events requires a lot of creativity and resilience. Finding outdoor or indoor activities and games for kids of all ages, from preschoolers to kids in elementary school can be hard.

We offer you the perfect solution to satisfy all of the things mentioned above. Our mini golf courses are perfect to hire for fun days, school events, fundraising and fetes!

Our portable mini golf crazy courses are a fun idea, it’s a physical game so kids can exercise and feel good, it suit children of all ages and can be played indoors and outdoors. With so many obstacles to choose from, our crazy golf can be laid in different shapes, allowing the kids to be creative and competitive.

It is entirely up to you if you decide to play the crazy golf game outdoors or indoors, our portable crazy golf courses are can be laid on various materials and surfaces such as:

  • concrete
  • wood
  • stone
  • grass


The crazy golf courses contain modular astro grass tiles that are very flexible to set up into various shapes and different obstacles with bespoke options available.

mini golf course hire 360

360 Obstacle

Exactly the right amount of swing is needed for the loop in order for the ball to travel all the way around, lining you-up for the end hole.

mini golf course hire bridge

Bridge Obstacle

You must get the ball across the bridge before you can attempt the final end hole.

mini golf course hire maze

Maze Obstacle

With the maze, only the central ramp will get you in the hole. This is one of the most challenging crazy golf obstacles.

mini golf course hire daytona

Daytona Obstacle

Two steep curves can be placed one after the other for a powerful swing. You can then send the ball into the final hole.

mini golf course hire wave

Wave Obstacle

The hole is at the highest point of the wave and it can be tricky to place it there from the first attempt.

mini golf course hire acapulco

Acapulco Obstacle

The spiral winds slowly upwards and needs the right amount of power to get the ball in at the top.

Customer Reviews: Kids Love Mobile Crazy Golf

We are fully dedicated to making sure everything goes well on the event day. When you hire our crazy golf courses, there is no need to worry about installation. Our mini golf equipment is full portable and can be laid indoors or outdoors depending on your venue size.