Valentine Day is coming up soon and many couples are planning different things to surprise their partners. Some women wait impatiently for this Day of Love to arrive. They know they found their soulmate, but do their partners feel in the same way?

If you have been long enough with a partner to know his habits and preferences or just have a good intuition, here are some subtle signs he will propose soon:

Signs He Will Propose Soon

  1. If you talk about jewellery, ring styles in particular, he doesn’t dismiss the conversation.
  2. He is picturing a long life with you and talks about dreams, plans and settling down with you.
  3. He is saving money for something that he is not telling you about.
  4. He is not bothered to attend weddings and he actually get excited to hear that his friends are getting married too.
  5. Obvious one is that he is asking you for your ring size or looks through your jewellery for size reference.
  6. He is aware of your feelings, wants and desires. If marriage is one of them and he listens to you, then he is thinking about it.
  7. Acting out of his character. If he is acting weird, then he is up to something and that something might just be a proposal.
  8. He is secretive. Sometimes you know that your partner is planning something by the way he acts when you are not around or even when you are next to him and he daydreams.

Whatever sign he is giving you, we hope that you will have a fantastic Valentine’s Day! And even if you don’t get propose, don’t lose hope. He will do it when he feels ready for this commitment.

For those of you who will get asked the big question, then we wish you the very best in the future, lots of love and great memories! And don’t forget that if any of you are looking for unique wedding entertainment ideas, we are here to help.

Richard and Hannah were so lovely! They were in contact with our venue to make sure that the equipment fits the size. The portable mini golf was a great idea to distract our guests while we took pictures. Adults and children enjoyed playing the crazy golf course! We loved it and we recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a quirky and fun wedding idea. Thank you guys!”