Party Equipment Hire

To choose party equipment for weddings, birthdays, corporate events can be quite stressful. Finding that one activity to entertain everybody, adults and kids, and to suit your budget can be tricky. Planning an event require diligence, passion and creativity. However big or small your event is going to be, planning it will follow a general pattern and include some important things to consider.

Event Checklist

1. Make sure your goals are clear
Discuss what you want your event to achieve. Will the event bring people together? Are you aiming to raise money or just to have fun?

2. Think of your guests
Who are you hoping to come to the event? Will there be activities for a range of different people like kids, adults, teenagers?

3. Couple of hours of fun
It’s so important to have your guests entertained throughout your event. Boredom is excluded from the list! You need to guarantee a fun time for all your guests.

4. Risk Assessment
Whatever party equipment you’re hiring, each piece of equipment should have a risk assessment form to ensure safety and security for all those who are using it.

5. Choosing the date
Summertime and spring time are always better for outdoor activities, where winter and autumn are indoor seasons.

party equipment hire

6. Venue & Time
You need to decide where the event is taking place and book the event in advance. Also estimate a number of guests attending and hire the venue with this in mind.

7. Budget
You may want one or more fun entertainment activities to hire, so you will need to think of how much you are willing to spend on hiring the equipment.

Crazy Golf Courses To Hire

Mobile Crazy Golf are supplying party equipment hire for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, school fun days and other events.
Fun time is about creating memorable moments and spending quality time with friends and family. If you want to achieve an incredible atmosphere, have a look at our crazy golf packages. The crazy golf courses are suitable for adults, kids and teenagers and can be hired from one up to 6 hours.

Mobile Crazy Golf Hiring Benefits

  • Fits any venue size
  • Can be laid indoors and outdoors
  • It’s suitable for people of all ages
  • Disabled people can play too
  • Affordable and flexible packages
  • Can be laid on any type of surfaces
  • No stress involved in hiring