If you have any promises that you would like to make to yourself, now it’s the best time to set your New Year wedding resolutions.

1. Finish what you start

Raise your hands if you have started a million things at once and never finished one. Enthusiasm is exhilarating and it can flood your mind with ideas. But it can also be dangerous. It’s easy to create a habit of starting activities and ideas, but never actually finishing any. For the New Year, sit down and be true to yourself. Gather the best ideas for your wedding, ideas that you truly love. Then plan small steps for each of the ideas and focus on completing it. It will feel amazing getting things done!

2. Acknowledge your bridesmaids’ opinions

When your bridesmaids come up with ideas, listen to them and acknowledge their opinion. If you disagree with them, then you can kindly express your thoughts. Treat your bridesmaids with respect because at the end of the day you chose them for a reason. Also be aware that they might have different schedules, budget and tastes. Be sensitive when making decisions, consult them and learn to make compromises.

3. Don’t ignore your partner

In the fever of planning people tend to be forgetful of their own partners. We know that your wedding day requires a lot of attention, but so does your partner. Remember to use tools that help you plan your day more efficiently like Excel spreadsheets and wedding forums to seek advice. Spend some quality time with your partner and make sure he/she is happy with the wedding decisions you made.

4. Have fun and unleash your playful side

Stress less and enjoy your day. On your wedding day, make sure you actually have fun and eat! It’s amazing how many brides forget to enjoy the wedding menu. Unleashing your playful side will make you more positive and you know what they say about positive people: they act like a magnet for other positive people. So make this one of your New Year wedding resolutions.

5. Look on the bright sight

If things go bad while planning or even on your wedding day, just take a breather. Be kind with yourself and remind yourself that you did everything that was in your power to make things go smooth. We don’t have control over everything in this world, but we can control how to deal with the stressors in our lives. So move on and try to enjoy the rest of the experience.

6. Become a better listener

Listening to others can expand your horizon. Make an effort and listen to your partner, family and friends when they share their opinions. It’s so important to do everything as a team, not as an individual. Listening will empower you to be understanding and kind.

7. Be budget minded

Everyone can get stuck into budget issues. This might be one of the hardest New Year wedding resolutions to achieve, but it’s possible. Just make sure you are organised and sensitive when booking wedding activities and the wedding venue.We wrote a full post around this subject that you can access here: https://www.mobile-crazy-golf.co.uk/average-wedding-cost/

8. Get in shape

It’s important to stay healthy and look good in general, not necessarily for your wedding day, but for everyday. So make this one of your New Year wedding resolutions. Eat healthy, organic food and sign up to a local gym. Exercise helps with stress relieving and helps you stay active and energised.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you ever get stuck or feel like you just hit a brick wall, say something! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, people won’t think that you are a failure. The problems that you are experiencing can be fixed one way or another and if you feel like you don’t have the answer, simply ask a loved one to provide it for you.

10. Try the art of compromising

The art of compromising involves listening, appreciating and being assertive. Compromise is part of life and is essential to practice in relationships. Most couples need to learn how to work together and listen to each other’s needs. They key is stepping back and being clear in your mind what you want before you start talking. This will avoid conflicts and strengthen your relationship.

11. Do it yourself

In 2017 we challenge you to have fun and try a DIY thing for your wedding. Find one thing that you both love or believe in and come up with a gift or decoration idea. For example if you believe in preserving the environment and protecting the bees, you could offer your guests unique wedding favours such as a planting kit. Be creative and put your print on your wedding day.

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