Take a second and think about the warm breeze on a summer day, the refreshing cocktails, the summer dresses, the art of daydreaming. It’s not surprising that it’s couples’ preferred wedding season. Summer allows incredible flexibility when planning a wedding, so have extra fun with the wedding decorations and entertainment for the guests.

Give hats as wedding favours, provide crazy golf fun for your friends while you’re taking the official wedding pictures, treat the kids to some delicious ice-cream, serve cold beer to thirsty guests and go wild on the wedding theme with summer inspired ideas.

As always, we love to troll the internet and find the hottest trends for weddings, so here are some of the ones that captured our attention:

  1. Fancy Love Potion Cocktails

Cocktails are a win-win idea for a summer wedding or party. Impress your family and friends with super-refreshing and delicious cocktails that are in tone with your wedding theme. You can find lots of inspiring recipes online and it can also be cost-effective when planning for a big crowd.

2. The ice-cream van

The ice-cream van is always a good idea. Kids and adults both will appreciate a delicious cone while waiting for the bride and groom to take their wedding pictures.

3. Sunglasses Favours

This is a great way to protect your guests from the sunlight and also a unique gift to take as a reminder of your wedding. Make it as colorful and diverse as you want.

4. The Prosecco Van

Need we say more why this is a good idea to have at your wedding? The bubbles, the wooden chairs, the casual atmosphere are a great way to impress your guests.

Go on and be creative with your summer wedding planning and hurry up and book us if you want some crazy golf action at your wedding party. Summer is our busiest season, so there are fewer available dates in this period. See more.