There is still time to book wedding entertainment

Closer to the wedding day you may discover that there are some gaps in the proceedings or the atmosphere you are hoping to create for your guests. You may find that there are more or less people attending than you actually expected and you haven’t really thought about the wedding entertainment. You may spend more time on finding the perfect wedding dress, wedding venue, plan the menu, organise the reception, worry about flowers and wedding cake, and might forget about one of the most important things – HOW to entertain your guests.

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Mobile Crazy Golf is the only entertainment that acts like an ice breaker during drinks reception, lifts the mood during the weeding breakfast, keeps the children entertained and can be the start of your evening reception. By hiring our crazy golf courses, you will only need a DJ to complete your wedding entertainment.

1. Entertains guests during reception

The drinks reception is an extremely important part of a wedding day which can often be over looked. The couples are often whisked away for photographs leaving guests to look after themselves. Besides, there may be many guests who don’t know each other so they might feel a little bit awkward. Some appropriately directed entertainment will not only keep your guests entertained and help break the ice, but will also set the tone and atmosphere for the rest of the party.

A game of crazy golf will help at this point if you are looking for something quirky and fun. Our wedding packages are affordable and they include wedding inspired golf obstacles.

fun wedding entertainment idea
last minute wedding entertainment idea

Wedding Testimonial:

Edward & Emma: “Thanks ever so much, the golf was brilliant and it kept so many people entertained. Lots of people commented on how unusual it was and that’s what we wanted – for people to come away remembering that ours was a bit different.

Thanks to the two staff members who were friendly and polite. Just sad we only managed two holes before being dragged away for some sort of bride and groom duties.”

2. Keeps the children entertained

People worry in general about inviting children to their wedding. During the ceremony and speeches it’s quite hard to silence the kids. There are ways and means of silencing children, our way is the fun way! There are simple solutions like activity packs with games, puzzles, colouring books etc., but they might be familiar with these. Our way to guarantee a fun time which will also give their parents a break is to hire Mobile Crazy Golf. We also have packages especially designed for children’s birthday party.

crazy golf wedding entertainment for children

3. Starts the evening entertainment

You may have a whole group of new guests arriving who haven’t attended the daytime so you want to make them feel integrated in the proceedings. You can create a fun and exciting atmosphere with a photo-booth or our last minute wedding entertainment idea: mobile crazy golf courses.

bride playing crazy golfguests playing crazy golf