Golf Themed Parties

Organising golf themed parties can be really enjoyable and fun to plan especially with so much inspiration out there. We’ve surfed the internet and found so many golf inspired party props that made us want a party. Although WOWing at original ideas for your golf themed party can be really inspiring, the process can take quite a lot of time and you might get carried away in the process. Trust us…we did! Don’t worry – we’ve got it covered!

Take a look at our helpful party checklist and golf inspired party props. Save the things you like and give yourself plenty of time to tick off the different tasks and we guarantee that planning your golf themed party will be a stress-free – and, dare we say, fun – experience!

golf themed parties

Party Planning Checklist

  1. Make invitation list
  2. Decide on a party theme, our case GOLF
  3. Send out invitations & find out how many people are attending
  4. Plan the menu
  5. Line up any help you may need (friends, family, golf lovers)
  6. Decide on the entertainment – one of the most important things at a party
  7. Notify the neighbours
  8. Decorate
  9. Prepare and display food
  10. Buy a golfer costume or golf fancy dress
  11. Greet guests as they arrive

Golf Cakes

A party without cake is not a party. 🙂 We’ve found so many cake and cupcakes ideas using golf symbols. There are golf themed cake for children, adults and for the elderly.

Our main source of inspiration for golf cakes on:

Credit for the photo below:

golf themed cake

Golf Fancy Dress

Dressing up for your golf themed party is a must. It’s quite easy to recreate a golf outfit and your guests will appreciate the effort.

You can find a wide range of golf costumes and accessories which are affordable here:

golf themed outfit

Hire Crazy Golf Courses

Play a round of miniture golf at your hired venue or in the back garden. The fun thing about crazy golf is both adults and children can play and test their golf skills.

We supply 9 holes crazy golf courses for birthday parties with bespoke obstacles at affordable prices: email us: or call us on:  07729 288 410

golf themed parties crazy golf

Golf Decorations Supplies

Decorating is the fun bit of the party organisation and planning. Let your creativity go wild and create a nice decor using golf themed accessories like: napkins, plastic cups, cupcake toppers, golf party favors, banners and others.

Shop for unique and handmade items for golf themed parties:

golf party props

Over 100+ ideas for Golf Party

Pinterest is a good place to get inspired:

Follow our boards for updates and inspiration:

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