Crazy Golf Obstacles

Mobile Crazy Golf is the mini golf game that you can play anywhere and in any weather condition. The obstacles are made of plastic and they are easy to position on any type of surfaces varying from laminated/wooden floor, grass, tarmac or carpets.

Bespoke obstacles are available. We are more than happy to discuss your crazy golf ideas and create bespoke obstacles that are matching your event’s theme, colour scheme etc.
The set consists of:
– 13 injection moulded crazy golf obstacles
– Junior and adult colourful putters
– Low bounce colourful balls


The crazy golf courses contain modular astro grass tiles that are very flexible to set up into various shapes and different obstacles with bespoke options available.

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LOVE Letters Obstacle

Bespoke crazy golf obstacle to hire for weddings or wedding anniversaries. The stand is made of wood and the letters are made of plastic. This design is an ideal addition to the other obstacles making the game more challenging.

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Wooden Church

Hand made crazy golf obstacles to hire for weddings. The church is a unique mini golf obstacle that will look amazing in your wedding photos and your guests will be impressed by the uniqueness of the obstacle.

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Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a MUST for your bespoke themed wedding. We can match the wooden cake with the colour scheme for your wedding. Extra decorations and accessories can be made to complement the cake.

mr and mrs obstacle

Mr & Mrs Golf

Our Mr & Mrs Golf Letters and made of strong wood and they have small entrances for the ball.

The Steep

This NEW obstacle allows the player to warm up before taking on more challenging obstacles.

The Tricky House

Made entirely of wood, the NEW Tricky House is a fun obstacle of moderate difficulty with 7 poles placed randomly.

The Loop

This NEW crazy golf obstacle challenges the player to send the ball in the hole. It’s one of the most favourite obstacles.

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360 Obstacle

Exactly the right amount of swing is needed for the loop in order for the ball to travel all the way around, lining you-up for the end hole.

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Bridge Obstacle

You must get the ball across the bridge before you can attempt the final end hole.

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Maze Obstacle

With the maze, only the central ramp will get you in the hole. This is one of the most challenging crazy golf obstacles.

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Daytona Obstacle

Two steep curves can be placed one after the other for a powerful swing. You can then send the ball into the final hole.

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Wave Obstacle

The hole is at the highest point of the wave and it can be tricky to place it there from the first attempt.

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Acapulco Obstacle

The spiral winds slowly upwards and needs the right amount of power to get the ball in at the top.