A Corona Virus update for all our Mobile Crazy Golf customers

Following the recent announcement by the Prime Minister , all non essential businesses are now to temporarily close until 2nd December 2020

This is necessary but unwelcome news in what has been a very quiet year for events

As with many businesses in 2020, Mobile Crazy Golf have looking at ways of keeping our players Covid safe. The safety of our players and staff is always of paramount importance, so here’s our thoughts :

                                                                                                    The 2 metre rule !

Mobile Crazy Golf naturally lends itself to social distancing . It’s easy to keep players 2 or more metres apart.

One player at a time take their turn. Each participant tees off their ball for what they hope will be a hole in one. The player then moves forward to play another shot or pick up their ball out of the putting cup. The other players at the hole should be standing well back from the playing area and maintain their distance from the active player so as not to distract their opponent. This rule has always worked well even before Corona Virus and we will ensure this is adhered to

Sanitised Equipment

It’s worth remembering that players generally only handle their own ball and putter, even in normal times. So the risk of cross-infection from balls and putters is very low.

Nevertheless prior to play , we still sanitise balls, putters, obstacles and putting cups with alcohol-based sanitiser and thoroughly clean the astro grass tiles that form the playing surface of each hole

We insist that players  stick more firmly to these rules during these difficult times, so the risk is reduced further. Children should be encouraged to follow these rules where practical.

We will do everything we can to make Mobile Crazy Golf as safe as possible


Our Flexible Courses

All our courses consist of 1m square inter lockable astro tiles. This makes each hole modular and flexible in shape when it come to set up.

Space permitting, we would aim to maintain social distancing between holes. This reduces the risk of any cross contamination from players standing too close to each other

Every player is able to play the course either alone or in their social bubble group. The participation , enjoyment and competitive element can remain as it was in pre Corona Virus times 🙂

2021 and beyond …

Mobile Crazy Golf is great way to relax, have fun and forget about the state of the world at the moment

We are still taking booking for 2021 and beyond , so please contact us for a quote

Click here for a no obligation quote or email us on info@mobile-crazy-golf.co.uk