How to have an awesome indoor wedding

If you previously thought of having an outdoor wedding party, but then changed your mind because of bad weather and other dull circumstances, please put your hand up.

It’s not nice to dream of a gorgeous summer wedding, start planning for it and find out that it won’t happen the way you want it.¬†You might have gone through the process of booking the venue, planned the outdoor reception party, hired outdoor entertainment, and dreamed of having your pictures taken in front of a lake while the sun is setting. We get it, it an be very frustrating to find out in the last few weeks that the weather will not be on your side. Let’s face it, we do live in one of the cloudiest countries with high risk of rain.

But hope is not entirely lost. There are still ways to turn this around and have a fantastic wedding party where your family and friends can still enjoy the wedding reception and create an awesome atmosphere.

What is the key of success for an indoor wedding?

Simple. Hire Mobile Crazy Golf as your indoor entertainment and we guarantee that everyone will enjoy a crazy golf round. We have recently attended the beautiful wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Davies in Wales where the chances or rain are much higher and they chose to set up the crazy golf inside the venue where they got married.

The advantages of having your wedding indoors is the year-round aspect. Whether your wedding is during the winter, spring, summer, or fall, there is no issue with weather. There are so many options for an indoor wedding, from historic buildings, stunning hotel banquet rooms, luxurious reception halls to indoor greenhouses, just to name a few.

So don’t let rain interfere with your wedding plans and go ahead and plan for the special day you have been waiting for. To make booking for our Mobile Crazy Golf courses, please fill in the form below.