Why We Love Lake House Weddings (And You Should, Too)

When Fiona and Scott contacted us in regards their wedding day, we were very excited to make their day special and memorable to both their friends and family.

One of the things on our to-do-list was to have Mobile Crazy Golf set up by a lake house. Which place in UK is better than the Lake District with so many lakes to explore and such gorgeous landscape to enjoy? Call us crazy, but Gilpin Lake House is an exclusive venue that is perfect for weddings or other events. They have a wedding license for both outside and inside use, so the place was ideal to install the entertainment equipment outside as the weather allowed.

lake house weddings couple

Fiona and Scott decided to have Mobile Crazy Golf installed after they’ve had the meal, just before the guests started the party on the dance floor. Everybody thought the idea of crazy golf as a wedding entertainment was great because it acted like an ice breaker for the guests and also a good warm up for the dancing.

In terms of the area for the golf, we have installed the equipment on a flat grass surface facing the lake. But Mobile Crazy Golf is very flexible when it comes to the surfaces it can be laid on. Be it wooden or laminated floor, cement, stone or glass, the equipment is easily assembled and it’s water resistant too.

Overall, we were thrilled to attend Fiona and Scott’s wedding and we are happy that we contributed to their amazing day by making it memorable to friends, families and the couple.