Why We Love Lake House Weddings (And You Should, Too)

Why We Love Lake House Weddings (And You Should, Too) When Fiona and Scott contacted us in regards their wedding day, we were very excited to make their day special and memorable to both their friends and family. One of the things on our to-do-list was to have Mobile Crazy Golf set up by [...]

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Mini Golf Party: Perfect Kids Entertainment

Mini Golf Party Idea Mobile Crazy Golf is the perfect entertainment activity for any kid’s party, offering a fun and safe environment for your child to enjoy their special day with their friends. As part of our tailored offering we have up to nine crazy golf holes as standard and the option to create something bespoke. The [...]

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Signs That He Will Propose Soon

Valentine Day is coming up soon and many couples are planning different things to surprise their partners. Some women wait impatiently for this Day of Love to arrive. They know they found their soulmate, but do their partners feel in the same way? If you have been long enough with a partner to know [...]

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Our Listings

Wedding Supplies Directories Wedding supplies directories are critical to any business who wants to put itself at the forefront of the industry they represent. The entertainment sector is probably one of the most competitive markets out there. For small businesses and start ups it can be quite difficult to market themselves. But as long as you believe [...]

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Wedding New Year’s Resolutions for Engaged Couples

If you have any promises that you would like to make to yourself, now it’s the best time to set your New Year wedding resolutions. 1. Finish what you start Raise your hands if you have started a million things at once and never finished one. Enthusiasm is exhilarating and it can flood your [...]

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6 Cool Christmas Presents for Golf Lovers

Christmas Presents Golf Lovers With the holiday season coming up we thought it might be a good idea to put some ideas together for anyone who needs to buy Christmas presents for golf lovers. And they are great! 1.Performance Tracker Arccos Golf is the first ever, fully automatic, GPS and live shot tracking system for [...]

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Christmas Booking: Mobile Crazy Golf

Christmas Booking It's not too late to book your perfect wedding entertainment for 2016 and 2017 If you are engaged and looking for last minute Christmas gifts for your loved one, booking your wedding entertainment now can be a great idea. You will surprise your partner with your thoughtfulness and save some money in [...]

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