Activity for Elderly Residents

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Entertainment Services for the Elderly If you are a caregiver searching for a fun activity for elderly residents, then you've come to the right place. Mobile Crazy Golf provides support and inspiration to home care centres, nursing homes, assisted living, retirement communities and day care centres. Being active is an important part of a [...]


Fun Day Activity: Summer Fayres, Dog Shows, Charity Day

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Are you looking for a unique fun day activity? Mobile Crazy Golf bring the fun to all types of events being an unique fun day activity. From family fun days, dog shows, corporate events, weddings, birthday parties and summer fayres, we hire our portable crazy golf courses for your entertainment. Specialising in making your event [...]


Last minute wedding entertainment idea

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There is still time to book wedding entertainment Closer to the wedding day you may discover that there are some gaps in the proceedings or the atmosphere you are hoping to create for your guests. You may find that there are more or less people attending than you actually expected and you haven't really [...]


Golf Themed Parties

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Golf Themed Parties Organising golf themed parties can be really enjoyable and fun to plan especially with so much inspiration out there. We've surfed the internet and found so many golf inspired party props that made us want a party. Although WOWing at original ideas for your golf themed party can be really inspiring, the process [...]


Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

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Fun Wedding Reception Ideas For Guests Let's face it. Planning a wedding isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially when you want everything to be perfect. Finding affordable, fun wedding reception ideas to entertain your guests can be a real challenge. Couples want to remember their wedding day as the most amazing day in [...]


Summer Wedding Ideas

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Summer Wedding Ideas There's something nostalgic and simply beautiful about organising weddings in the summer. Maybe because summer is one of those seasons that make you remember about the long summer days with a feeling of yearning and wistfulness. The late evenings, fabulous summer flowers, refreshing cocktails and the wide choice of wedding activities you can [...]


Corporate Fun Day for BMW Employees

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BMW Farnborough decided to brighten up their employees this summer Mobile Crazy Golf couldn’t miss the opportunity of bringing all the employees and their families together for a wonderful shared experience and test their crazy golf skills. We have packages designed for corporate fun day events to give the perfect blend of entertainment and activity. [...]


7 Rules: Party Equipment Hire

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Party Equipment Hire To choose party equipment for weddings, birthdays, corporate events can be quite stressful. Finding that one activity to entertain everybody, adults and kids, and to suit your budget can be tricky. Planning an event require diligence, passion and creativity. However big or small your event is going to be, planning it will [...]


Supporting the National Autistic Society

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Supporting the National Austistic Society Mobile Crazy Golf are very much looking forward to supporting Linda Stewart Hypnotherapy and the National Autistic Society at the Charity Fun Day  event on Saturday,  18th of June 2016, at Wigston United Football Club. The National Autistic Society's aim is to provide individuals with autism and their families with help, support [...]